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3. Full leather sole and combination heels or full rubber heels - Black Forest


Black Forest Pit Tanned leather soles
The highest quality due to the very slow tanning process. The hides are PIT TANNED for weeks in the ground with vegetable tanning agents including crushed oak bark and fruits of the oak and chestnut trees.
The slow tanning process gives the leather naturally high protection against water penetration and very low abrasion to wear. The ground tanning process also gives the soles a natural warm color and not painted like other leather brands.
10 generations of premium German pit tanned leather from Tuttlingen Germany dating back to 1645.
Quality is same as JR Rendenbach
less expensive as JR Rendenbach
best value in premium leather




If the welt is damaged, a new welt (decorative edge around shoe, between uppers and sole) will be needed.

Picture of broken welt

Picture of the new welt replacement

Price with welt repair


Add leather or rubber welt:

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